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Team Estrada A Family Tradition


When you talk about Team Estrada you are talking about a long family tradition.  Lead by Coach Soledad & Coach Estrada. Coach Soledad a former boxer herslelf is a native of Michoacan, Mx. Coach Estrada comes from the glorious Mexico City. Both coaches understand the challenges of the sport. Boxing is a 24/7 committment. Hours and hours of training have made this team the one to beat. Diana, Omar and Eric are Coach Soledad and Coach Estrada's children. The three carry their parents' legacy with pride.  Together they carry a number of championships and have taken the name Estrada to some of the biggest rings around locally and internationally as well. Without a doubt a team to look out for!

“My mom is the best! I want to win a belt for me, for her and for my boxing family here!"

Jesus Sanchez

Beaverton Pal Boxing

“You only get the chance once let your hands go.”

Lorenzo Caldera

Team Estrada a Family Tradition

November 12 & 13th!


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